WellnessFX is Hiring!

15 Dec

My new company WellnessFX is off the ground!

Our mission is to revolutionize human health by providing a web-based platform that leverages cutting edge diagnostics to deliver personalized nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to optimize individual health.

I couldn’t be more excited. I fell in love with health technology while building Sapient in the 90’s, which became the WebMD platform that now serves over 20M people. Now, I’m ready tackle a web platform that will leverage innovations in personalized biometrics, nutrition, and genomics to empower people with more decision-relevant information about their health than ever before.

What is biometrics tracking?

Do your lipids suggest you’re cooking with too much olive oil?
Do you need 3x as many b-vitamins as others to keep your energy high?
What natural supplements could make you go from average plaque and bad cholesterol to amazing arterial health?

Today’s biometrics can answer these basic questions and WellnessFX will be the company that makes them understandable and affordable for everyone.

The addressable market for our product puts us at the crossroads of multiple multi-billion dollar industries. And, hundreds of health conscious people are already signed up for our paid beta.

I’m thrilled! We’re going to change how personalized health is managed for years to come, and we need your help:

We’re Hiring Engineers

WellnesFX is currently looking to build the rest of our technical team. We’re looking for engineers with a strong background in machine learning, distributed systems, bio-informatics, data visualization, HCI, or front-end development. We’re building our initial product in Ruby. And, we want self-starters who are highly motivated to build a multi-billion dollar, industry-leading company with us.

Are you naturally driven to solve complex technical challenges? Are you passionate about building products that truly do good for humanity? And are you excited about leveraging the best of your craft to improve a field of science that is severely lacking great technology. Then, join me!

Jim Kean (CEO)
Email me: jim@jimkean.com

One Response to “WellnessFX is Hiring!”

  1. Joe Garma February 11, 2011 at 9:46 AM #

    Jim, you seem to be a grown-up version of myself.

    I’ve been seeped in alternative health for decades, starting with the Pritican Diet in grad school, and running from there through cleansing, sleep modulation, supplementation, yoga and the like.

    Along the way, I’ve structured and raised capital for private equity investments and ran customer/partner focused departments for software companies (bus dev, marketing, sales), as well as construct pro forma financial models.

    So, I’m telling you all this because I’m intrigued by WellnessFX and would like to have a conversation with you about it.



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